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Hitting it BIG for the #PlasticFreeParty: BLOND:ISH elevates the energy at Big Hit Padel

Two women in sunglasses and sportswear smile for the camera holding up a t-shirt

The last couple months we've been serving up a whole lotta plastic-free wonders… the latest, an exhilarating Big Hit Padel Tournament at Padel X in Miami!

The goal for BLOND:ISH, Bye Bye Plastic Co-Founder and inceptor of this epic tournament, was to bridge her passions for sport and music to raise the collective energy and channel her vision into a padel-infused, mission-driven #PartyWithAPurpose!

Between Friday's qualifiers and the whirlwind Sunday final, 32 teams of padel addicts, industry innovators and families took to the courts for an electrifying series of matches in the dance towards a plastic-free future.

The likes of Joseph Whitner, Raleigh Smith, DJ Amal Nemer, Eva Coles, Asher Raphael, Davina Mansur and Mimi Kanon competed alongside padel aficionado Vivie-Ann Bakos, and were among the 250 attendees hitting it big for the #PlasticFreeParty. The Sunday finals were accompanied into the night with a set from BLOND:ISH to commemorate the occasion.

“Most of you know me as a DJ and music producer who travels around the world making people happy with my music and for a long time I thought that’s all I was…
Smiling female DJ playing her decks
...but as I started travelling around the world, I realised that my role on this earth is much more than that. It’s actually about going deep on energy and how to use that to build a better future for our children"
BLOND:ISH, Bye Bye Plastic Co-Founder

A man shows a young girl a plastic-alternative material

The star of the Sunday sporting showdown was no doubt the Wall of Plastic Free Wonders, showcasing future innovation, sparking new connections and giving us hope for the future of the #PlasticFreeParty.

Special shoutout to our winner Eva Coles, who aced the day with her impressive knowledge of plastic-free alternatives! Not to mention all the kids mesmerised by our central, nature-infused event activation.

Female padel player happily poses in sportswear holding up a water bottle prize

We're proud to announce that we got half way to reaching our ambitious fundraising target - and we couldn't have done it without you! An amazing chapter in Bye Bye Plastic's fundraising history as we merged music with sport to bring the plastic-free movement to a new collective of earth-driven players.

A very special thank you to some legendary donors: Raphael Family Foundation, Asher Raphael and The Wiggins Foundation 💙

And a huge thank you to Padel X Miami for hosting the event, here's to smashing even more plastic-free targets in the near future ✊⚡🎾

Wanna play your part in the match against single-use plastic? Learn more about Bye Bye Plastic's mission here.

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