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Zero Plastic Club

Read our open letter and learn how you can join the tide.


Every year, a 50.000 person festival serving single-use water bottles, cups, & straws burns as much CO2eq in just one day as a car driving around the Earth once. 


A club or brick & mortar venue gets exponentially more foot traffic throughout the year, resulting in a significantly larger export of single-use waste.


With the same items, a 2,000 person capacity club burns the CO2 equivalent as the production of 12,000 beef burgers.


This environmental destruction is what La Machine, and a handful of courageous French clubs, have chosen to tackle & prevent. Through bold steps, La Machine du Moulin Rouge has now eliminated all single-use plastic water bottles from their clubs, and instead invite clubbers to bring their own bottles and refill at provided water stations.


Other clubs have joined the movement by committing to eliminate plastic water bottles within 2 years. Actively & collectively looking for the optimal solution for both the planet & their bottom line, these clubs are inviting others in the French community to follow their lead.

Club Zero Plastique

Seize your chance to join the tide!

We understand that the transition to zero-plastic takes time & resources. That's why we are here to help you! At Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, we believe that “Music is the Connection, Collective Action is the Solution”.

By signing up to the pledge & to attending our event on World Water Day (Wednesday March 22nd) you will get:


 Support from the community of clubs who has successfully transitioned away from single-use plastic water bottles


 Guidance on selecting the best, pre-vetted & contextually fitting alternatives for your establishment


 Accreditation by Bye Bye Plastic Foundation once you reach your plastic-free goals

Case Study: La Machine du Moulin Rouge

How a 1250 person venue completely eliminated single-use plastic water bottles (& more) in one year!


La Machine ends the sale of single-use plastic bottles in the venue & starts a Bring Your Own Bottle policy.


Initial yearly economic loss calculated.

75.000 L

Of water is now distributed yearly through water fountains, available for refill.


227.272 plastic bottles 

Saved yearly using fountain refill water.

3.18 Tonnes 

Of plastic is saved every year through this commitment.


12.33 tonnes of CO2e

Saved at La Machine. 

All this, with 0

Security incidents or complaints since 2019!

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