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Recently, Bye Bye Plastic jumped the fence & ventured into the world of web3. The goal is to be able to leverage this incredible power of transparency, traceability, as well as this incredible drive to build a new reality together.

Thanks to a funding grant from Celo’s Climate Collective, our dreams have come true:

$BYEBYE launches as a micro-community token, with the ability to reward its members for the eco-actions they pursue. In other terms, we’re empowering you to earn money for doing good to the planet. Yes, you read this right!

$BYEBYE has been funded by Celo’s Climate Collective & is powered by the devoted team at Socialstack. Socialstack is the code-free token platform that gives a damn. Working exclusively with social & environmental causes - serious value alignment in the works here!

$BYEBYE launches at the Conscious Festival in Paris

Sept 30th - Oct 2nd, 2022

We recently launched the $BYEBYE token where we verified more than 200 $BYEBYE actions during the Conscious Festival!


You can start earning $BYEBYE here!

What is an eco token, 

& what is it worth?


A token is a currency that is living in a small, finite community of people. Like any other currency, it lives based on one single element: trust. An eco-token is a micro-currency, of which the activities are set based on trust in the value of environmental action.

Bye Bye Plastic's eco-token is allowing us to reward our community when it is taking environmentally-positive actions! Could you ever imagine you could earn money for helping out the planet every day ?!

You will soon be able to read our Lite Paper on this page.

In the meantime, read our interview on BeInCrypto here!

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