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Go Single-Use Plastic Free

We’re here to make sure you will never navigate alone in this journey

Alternatives: Perks, Plastic-Free Perks

No matter the stage you are at in your project, no matter the scope of intentions, we are here to facilitate your transition. Discover below the 3 ranges of offers we crafted to fit your specific needs.
We are active from Western Europe to the U.S. and Mexico depending on the project. Just ask us!

Front-of-House Alternative Recommendations

Change doesn’t happen overnight but we have to start somewhere. Maybe you’ve been thinking about whipping your business into green shape? How about starting with the essentials and swapping some everyday items out with plastic alternatives?


Our 'Plastic Quick Scan' does just this, and will help steer you towards a committed and uncompromising plastic-alternative vendor that meets the needs of your biz, switching up cups, straws and water bottles and more to planet-friendly alternatives. 


The Oceanic Standard Certification Transition

When you're ready for a full-house transition, we want to make sure you get some recognition for that. From Front to Back-of-House, we can facilitate your transition track along the Oceanic Standard, onboarding with you on an peaceful and rewarding plastic-free ride.


As implementation partners of The Oceanic Standard, we will provide you with the needed guidance and alternatives while paving the golden path for your chosen certification badge.

Ad Hoc


Do you have specific needs or a precise project in mind for your business? Before getting started with your plastic-free transition roadmap, it is a good idea to conduct an audit to know where you’re at. Let us know what your ambitions are, and we will craft a custom track together with your team. 

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