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Our Amazing Tools

Discover the present future products made available for you by our team!

What we offer you

The Bye Bye Plastic team has come up with some brilliant solutions that look to answer the needs of the music industry by empowering every single actor in the scene to get their #plasticfreeparty started. 



The Eco-Rider is an easily actionable tool for any DJ or artist to state their plastic-free preference while on tour. This is an empowering tool that taps into the poser of collective action.


Plastic Footprint Calculator

How can you start a diet without knowing how much weight you need to lose?

With the Plastic Footprint Calculator, we aim to empower our community to assess and monitor their progress.

Why theses tools?

At Bye Bye Plastic, we base our core values on the elements we find missing in the music sector and build tools to help gap those holes. Here is some of what we bring:




The live industry is as fast-paced as it gets. And its key figures need ready-made, implementable solutions, like the Eco-Rider we crafted.



Social and environmental impact projects require collective learning by definition. We make sure to set the tone by helping you understand everything.




We're here to evolve together with you so we can look back at the achievements, with pride on our faces!

Passing the mic'

"This is a better time than any to get people in the habit of practicing sustainability. Your idea is brilliant and fingers crossed the world is inspired by your movement."

Need a little help?

These tools are here to shine some light so you don't walk in the dark — but walking alone isn't always easy.


Let us guide your business the sustainable way.

We'd love to hear from you

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