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Plastic-Free Playlist x Camille Guitteau

Updated: 6 days ago

A woman smiling into the distance at a cosy nightclub

What speaks to earth-conscious music lovers more than dancing with a reusable bottle to the pulse of organic techno in a forest at 3am? Curated by DJs, artists and green-hearted organisations, music is the connection that inspires collective action.

Today we caught up with one half of Bye Bye Plastic's co-founding super-duo, Camille Guitteau, to bring you the beats that keep her dancing towards a plastic-free future!

Hey Camille! Great to have you kicking off our Plastic-Free Playlist. Your BBP aha moment happened after a summer spent raving on plastic-filled dancefloors. What track did you have on repeat that summer?

BICEP - 'Glue'

Last year, you ran 16km to support the Bye Bye Plastic mission! Give us a track from your running playlist

Okay, the real answer is that I don’t listen to music when running….Haha.

It makes me too aware of the running timeline and the fact that I’m on for minutes & minutes more. So I usually listen to podcasts instead!

But I’ll give you a track for the final 100m sprint: Makam - 'Lion King'

From club nights to festivals, tell us about your best live music memory  

I think Sonar has to have some of the best ones. So many talented artists playing incredible DJ sets AND Live sets. That same summer, when BICEP started playing 'Glue' live, we were breaking through the crowd to get further front (in a very friendly manner. There was enough space, no one was pushing anyone). Seeing the strobe lights beaming through the then seamingly-endless open courtyard of that venue, hearing the religious silence of the crowd as we could collectively feel the breaks of those beats were playing with everyone’s brain in the same, magically uncanny way, getting closer to the action with my friends on this suspended moment, this raised the hair on our skins, and still does to me to this date.

Give us a track that inspires you creatively 

Only one?! Wayy too hard, haha. I actually create visual art out of music. So I’ll just name some of the songs I created artworks out of, the most inspiring songs to me.

Kalebrese - 'Independent Dancer'

Pete Joseph - 'Colour'

Nujabes - 'Feather'

Share a track that connects you to nature 

Junius Meyvant - 'Neon Experience'

Life in the Bye Bye Plastic ecosystem can get pretty hectic! Give us a track that helps you unwind

The latest track I’ve had on repeat to motivate me into work tunnels is a Live track, which is not common for me. I don’t usually enjoy hearing the crowd cheer and just having the purity of a perfectly studio-executed track being shuffled around and re-played to my headphones. What I’m saying is, I’d rather be there! But this one is definitely an exception, 'cause Roisin Murphy is, by herself, a walking exception: Roisin Murphy - 'Flash of Light'.

Music is at the core of what we do at Bye Bye Plastic. Which track best embodies Bye Bye Plastic’s mission?

Nate & Hila’s #PlasticFreeParty Anthem! And all 14 tracks from those 14 talented artists on the #PlasticFreeParty album.

What track could keep you dancing all night?

Gosh these 1-answer only are so hard when it comes down to music!

Okay, I’ll give you 2:

Earth, Wind & Fire - 'September'

Guts - 'Brand New Revolution'

Give us a track from an Eco-Rider artist you have your eye on!

Madame Gandhi - 'Crystal & Congas'

And a track that gives you hope for the future of the #PlasticFreeParty 💚

SHARE - 'Avatar'

Inspired to get in on the action? Check out our Drop Beats Not Plastic playlist to get your soul dancing to the spirit of a plastic-free future

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