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Plastic-Free Playlist: Martin Kabamba on the music that inspires earth-conscious content creation

A man looks away from the camera on a sunny estate

Today we caught up with Bye Bye Plastic's Social Media Manager, Martin Kabamba, to bring you the beats that keep him dancing towards a plastic-free future!

Hey Martin! Your work as a Social Media Manager has taken you from South Africa to London! Give us a track that captures life between these cities

Quinten Harris - 'My Joy'

You live and breathe music and culture. What song has had the biggest influence on who you are today

Alexkid - 'Love We Have'

From club nights to festivals, tell us about your best live music memory  

Watching Peggy Gou @ The Pleasure Garden with my wife in 2022

Give us a track that inspires you creatively 

Loco Dice - 'M train to Brooklyn'

Share a track that connects you to nature 

RUVIMBO - 'Seasons'

Life in the Bye Bye Plastic ecosystem can get pretty hectic! Give us a track that helps you unwind

tg.blk - 'gin and wine (ginuwine)'

What track could keep you dancing all night?

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson - 'El Niño'

Give us a track from an Eco-Rider artist you have your eye on!

Deborah Aime La Bagarre - Le Monstre Du Lockdown

If you were abandoned forever on a desert island, what’s the one track you’d choose to take? 

Amadou & Mariam - 'Je Pense a toi'

And a track that gives you hope for the future of the #PlasticFreeParty 💚

Jackson Sisters - 'I Believe In Miracles'

Inspired to get in on the action? Check out our Drop Beats Not Plastic playlist to get your soul dancing to the spirit of a plastic-free future

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