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Our 2023 Activity & Impact Report is here!

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Sooo, what if we told you it’s already been a year since we unveiled our very first Activity & Impact report to you?

It’s safe to say 2023 was another mega year for Bye Bye Plastic as we created sparkles in the music space From facilitating plastic-free transitions for 17 events to launching our mission in 3 new countries: France, Egypt and Turkey; the #PlasticFreeParty is well and truly gaining momentum! 

And Zero Plastic Club just celebrated its 1st birthday! Via this collective of green-hearted visionaries, we watched an industry-defining moment take place: as 23 French nightclubs pledged to eliminate single-use plastic bottles by the end of 2024. Talk about a tidal wave of impact…and we’re just getting started  🌊💃

Our 2023 in highlights

In 2023 we were all about collaboration and experimentation - weaving together all elements to build strong ties with our family partners and tighten the BLOND:ISH x ABRACADABRA x Bye Bye Plastic ecosystem.

And the experimentation didn’t stop with the music - our world-first, bio-based circular event cup took the industry by storm. The cup is 100% recyclable, compostable and degradable, circular…and made entirely from bacteria! 

True to our 2022 word, this year we put in place a robust carbon removal plan via the powerhouses at to compensate team air travel and remove 7 tonnes in travel emissions ✈️

Powered by Gobi via their 1% For The Planet scheme, V1 of our Plastic Footprint Calculator lets us track CO2e emissions, propelling us towards a greater consciousness of plastic pollution at live events around the globe....

...And we’re excited to share that V2 is already in progress! This will allow us to thoroughly assess the lifetime costs of plastic, with a central focus on economy and health. 

In 2023, we saved from production 10,806 single-use plastic bottles, 52,846 single-use plastic cups and, as a team, collectively planted 43 trees via Ecosia 🌱

(If you’re wondering, that brings our all-time savings to 67,361 single-use plastic bottles and 166,467 single-use plastic cups 🥳🎊)

The dual heart of Bye Bye Plastic’s mission dances across oceans: from our European base to our US crew. In 2023, our stateside focus was to build the charity’s fundraising capacity, while in Europe we continued to optimise the Stichting’s ethical fundraising practices.

This year, we’re striving more than ever to keep the momentum rolling in our dedicated ecosystem of artists and supporters - filling the music landscape with colourful voices and ideas and solutions to BRING ON the plastic-free revolution   

Our big focus for 2024 is COMMUNITY - and that means you 💥

We’ve got new team members already infusing Bye Bye Plastic’s mission with a whole lotta fresh energy, so watch this space as we turn up the heat on old music industry standards and get ready for lift-off 🚀

Did someone say plastic-free revolution? 

Right now, we’re feeling more driven than ever to bring forward the day we see a world without plastic. 

Be a catalyst for change and follow Bye Bye Plastic Foundation on socials to help us fight plastic pollution and be the first to know when the #PlasticFreeParty is coming to a city near you 🤘🎶

Three words to sum up our vision for 2024?

Growth, Collaboration, Creativity.

Read the full 2023 Activity and Impact report here.


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