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Earth Day with Impact: How plastic inspired action at our Earth Day & Night Weekender

Party-goers smile in the sunshine at a venue overlooking the sea
Artists and music-lovers unite: Bye Bye Plastic's Earth Day and Night Weekender, Barcelona Edition

What's a cooler way to activate our fizzing community of creatives and artists than launching a worldwide event series to skyrocket creativity, get our beats pulsing and hearts racing? This Earth Day and Night, our ambitions were revealed in an event-series of dreams as industry stars collided to present a stratospheric celebration of Music x Climate.

While we're still buzzing from a passion-fuelled weekend of collective action (thank you, Secret Inspirer and your Mother Lover elixir), it's time to dig deep into our foundation's roots and unearth the inspiration behind Bye Bye Plastic's first ever global party weekender 🤘

Earth Day with Impact

Powered by the #PartyWithAPurpose, our collective energy sent waves of inspiration rippling out across the globe! From the soulful ocean sanctuary nestled on the coast of Barcelona, to the hub of forward-thinkers in our secret London hideaway, to the eco-ravers tearing up the dancefloor in Los Angeles - you made our vision happen.

A woman writing on a poster
Earth Day inspiration: Enter the Globe of Future Visions

Inviting each plastic-free partygoer to bring to life their imaginings for a music industry minus plastic, The Globe Of Future Visions was designed to ignite our collective consciousness. Rallying every eco-conscious reveller to join hands in a movement for a planet free of plastics, your visions distil the very essence of why we #PartyWithAPurpose.

A woman giving a presentation
Madame Gandhi talks Antarctica Soundscapes

We called, you answered: unearthing sonic landscapes recorded in the icy heart of Antarctica, Madame Gandhi's inspiring presentation invited green-hearted DJs to stir earth-awakening tracks with nature at their core.

"My dream with this pack is that producers all around the world at all levels can take these individual music components and create their own music sampling the sound of climate change."
Madame Gandhi, Drummer. Speaker. Producer. Activist.

Create your own Earth Day legacy with the Antarctica Soundscapes sound pack, available now on Splice.

A woman drawing on a water bottle
BYOB art customisation

Transforming reusable water bottles into precious collectibles, our talented artists were on hand to hydrate with a little earth-inspired creativity.

A woman wearing headphones playing a DJ set
BLOND:ISH joins the lineup: Earth Day and Night Weekender, Los Angeles Edition

How plastic inspired action at our Earth Day & Night Weekender

At Bye Bye Plastic, we're igniting a revolution, one beat at a time.

What started as BLOND:ISH's vision sparked from a mountain of discarded plastic, has now evolved into a vibrant, grassroots movement marching towards a plastic-free beat in the electronic music scene.

Like festivals have the power to 'reunite people through great art', bold electronic beats captivate collective action. Rising from the twilight hours, our anthems echo a powerful message - broadcasting a vibrant plea for a future without plastic

With the unstoppable energy and creativity of our global music family, we're remixing the scene to ditch plastic for good!

The power of community

In 2024, Bye Bye Plastic is setting the stage for a revolution, with community at the heart of our plastic-free vision. Dive into our journey with the 2023 Activity and Impact Report to see how we’re already making waves!

As a team that operates internationally, with diverse pockets of supporters and partners around the world, our Earth Day & Night Weekender was an opportunity for us to show up for our community across the globe, to deliver an Earth Day with impact 🌎 🌱

“We were looking for an occasion to bring the community together and show up for them. We were looking for what is the most relevant date where we can ensure that everyone is involved and that everybody is stimulated and gets creative…and that day is very obviously Earth Day”
Camille Guitteau, Co-Founder of Bye Bye Plastic Foundation

Uniting our audience through the power of a shared vision, together we danced to the beat of a greener future. Fusing our very own #PartyWithAPurpose with 'Earth Night', a concept dreamed up by the green-hearted change-makers at DJs for Climate Action, music-lovers around the globe came together - proving that a relentless love for the beat and a passion for the planet are intrinsic to powering the #PlasticFreeParty.

Let's join forces to revolutionize our nightlife scene! Together, we can make a significant impact, one dancefloor at a time, by choosing alternatives that keep our parties vibrant and our planet clean. When we move to the beat of collective action, we groove towards a greener tomorrow.

Let's evolve together - Music is the Connection, Collective Action is the Solution

Fuel Bye Bye Plastic's plastic-free mission by supporting us with a donation today.

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