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Music is the Connection: 5 Ways to #PartyWithAPurpose This Earth Day!

Losing yourself in the swirling frequencies of a world-class DJ set is a tantalising beam of escapism for every electronic music lover - and when that energy is concentrated, we can create RIPPLES of impact

Ready to groove with the planet-loving tribe on our journey to a plastic-free beat?

Let's explore 5 ways to #PartyWithAPurpose this Earth Day!

1. Hit up Bye Bye Plastic's Global Earth Day & Night Weekender

Grab your tickets, pick up your dancing shoes and get ready as we takeover not 1, not 2, but 4 cities: Austin, Barcelona, London and Los Angeles!

Get ready to travel through the space and time continuum on 19th and 20th April with Bye Bye Plastic's supercharged global weekender that's all about grooving to Earth Day's 2024 anthem "Planet Vs. Plastics".

Consider this the doorway of a summer you'll never forget, where earth-conscious parties become your new normal! 🔥

For city-per-city breakdown and ticket sales, visit Bye Bye Plastic’s Calendar:

Earth Day and Night Weekender promotional asset

2. Join the tribe of Eco-Rider artists

Are you a musician crafting beats that resonate with the soul of the Earth, eager to align your creative impact with a vision for a plastic-free world?

Dive into a greener future with our Eco-Rider and let your eco-dreams take flight!

Together, we can compose a symphony for the Earth that echoes far beyond the dance floor - turning up the volume on sustainability and grooving towards a future where music and environmental consciousness dance hand in hand.

3. Fast-track your party's plastic-free trajectory

Are you an event organiser on a quest to tune up your event space's ecological impact? With festival season dancing on the horizon, it's time to embrace a #PlasticFreeParty! Dive into our bespoke recommendations and consultancy, here to cut through the noise of greenwashing & fast-track you to the most-suited alternatives for your event. Just fill out our Plastic Quick Scan & schedule an intake with us to kick things off. Yes, it's that easy!

4. Make a donation

Creating waves of global impact is the way we dance - and your support can propel our plastic-free mission to new territories! Together and with your contribution, we can unlock new horizons of plastic-free impact. Let's evolve together towards a planet that keeps on grooving 💃

Support us with a donation 💸

5. Amplify the #PartyWithAPurpose! 🎤

Your voice matters! Channel earth-conscious energy into your plastic-free beats and inspire your audience to dance proudly to the beat of the #PlasticFreeParty!

Share stories, inspire us with your plastic-free groove and follow us on Instagram to be part of the movement sending a wave of change reverberating across our planet's soundscape.

Together, we can unlock a music industry that vibes to the rhythm of sustainability, this Earth Day and beyond!

✨ Music is the Connection. Collective Action is the Solution. ✨

Who's ready to #PartyWithAPurpose?

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