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Join the #PartyWithAPurpose at our Global Earth Day & Night Weekender!

Have you seen what we're unlocking this Earth Day? Get ready for a #PlasticFreeParty to remember at Bye Bye Plastic's Global Earth Day & Night Weekender - coming to a city near YOU on 19th and 20th April.

Global Earth Day & Night weekender infographic

Discover your city's lineup and join the #PartyWithAPurpose

Picture this: A whirlwind weekend kickstarting in the vibrant alleys of Barcelona, transporting you and your long-distance friend around the globe from the electrifying clubs of Austin and the soaring streets of London to the star-infused boulevards of Los Angeles.

From shore to shore, we are by activating not one, not two, but 4 cities in the space of 48 hours - seeking to inspire a supercharged event series as we celebrate Music x Climate with a positive vibe takeover! With Earth Day's official theme this year selected as "Planet Vs. Plastics", and Earth Night hailing as DJs4CA’s Earth Day echoing concept for the nightlife sector, this global weekender will impose itself as a go-to for communities worldwide!   

Celebratory, innovative, with a sprinkle of the avant-garde – get ready for an uplift that transcends the usual call to action!

Bye Bye Plastic’s Global Earth Day & Night Weekender promises a real travel through the time & space eco-continuum. Each city unveils its distinct symphony of sustainability-driven festivities, ranging from brain-tingling creative sessions for the musically inclined, to powerful think-tanks and surprise happenings. Any hour of the day, prepare to be well taken care of through a curated selection of DJs championing the cause with every note.

Get ready for a weekend packed with:

  • ​​💡 Creative Pulse: A blend of punchy beats and thought-provoking workshops – elevating minds and moving feet!

  • 📚 Education Meets Celebration: A mixtape of eco-education and head-bopping sessions – a harmonic recipe for a greener planet.

  • 🌐 Global Footprint: Strategies from across the world converging on a single weekend, highlighting unity in diversity for the environment's sake.

Bye Bye Plastic's Global Earth Day & Night Weekender Lineup

Global Earth Day & Night weekender lineup

Discover the Earth Day & Night magic that awaits you…

Climate Beatmaking Session infographic

Refugio Sonoro infographic

Calling all music creatives to partake in the natural wonders of Madame Gandhi's Climate Beatmaking Session! Unearthing sonic landscapes recorded in the icy heart of Antarctica, let your green-hearted creativity run free in a session that invites you to stir up earth-awakening tracks that embed nature's precious, endangered ecosystem.

Travel far into the heart of the planet and immerse yourself in the natural soundscapes with Refugio Sonoro, brought alive by Creative Agency & NGO Sound Earth Legacy.

Plus many, many more surprises!

Join us for a weekend of music, fun, and collective love! The weekender event will not only raise awareness but also funds for Bye Bye Plastic and DJs for Climate Action. Your support will help their environmental efforts globally, and insanely fuel the green music culture!

“Music has the power to actually inspire change. By bringing together artists, activists, and communities, we’re amplifying the message of Earth Day into meaningful action" BLOND:ISH

Pump up the spirit, amplify the message, and tune in for a world-saving crescendo.

✨ Music is the Connection. Collective Action is the Solution. ✨

This is your moment. Join us and let's outdance the future together! 

For city-per-city breakdown and ticket sales, visit Bye Bye Plastic’s Calendar:

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