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Hall of Fame: Plastic-Free Wonders! (and Our Top 5 Sustainable Picks for Plastic-Free July)

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As we approach the end of Plastic-Free July here at Bye Bye Plastic HQ, we're treating you to a very special Hall of Fame.

While our incredible Eco-Rider artists could make up their own Hall of Fame, these guys aren’t the only players keeping our music industry clean.

In this post, we’re guiding you through the wonder materials paving the way for a plastic-free future and our top 5 sustainable picks to get your hands on this festival season…wherever you are in the world!

First up, WOOD

It probably comes as no surprise that wood is one of the most widely produced materials on Earth, making it a suitable alternative for fossil-fuel derived materials.

But how can wood work as an alternative to plastic? Enter, transparent wood! Yep that’s right - this futuristic material is flexible, moldable and see-through, just like traditional petroleum plastics.

Originally developed in the 1990s to carefully study a plant’s inner vessels, recent studies have shown that transparent wood production could now be scaled up for applications seeking an eco-alternative to plastic.

Despite plastic being top of our agenda here at Bye Bye Plastic, deforestation is a very real issue. We’re all about supporting sustainable wood harvesting, and ensuring any wood products are responsibly sourced.

Did someone say…CORK?

Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, cork has all the green credentials going for it. It’s lightweight, but is also ultra-durable and 100% natural.

And the best thing?

Trees don’t actually need to be cut down to harvest the material; it all happens by removing the bark of cork oak trees which means its production is sustainable and regenerative.

A harvested oak tree actually absorbs up to 5 times more CO2 than an unharvested tree!

Did you know? Wood-based products are up to 10 million times more sustainable than polyethylene, the most widely produced plastic in the world.

BBP’s Sustainable Pick: Check out these Heideton USB sticks for artists and digital nomads seeking ways to make a positive contribution to our world. Uniquely crafted from natural wood, they’re the perfect way to start small!


Ever heard of PHB? If polyhydroxybutyrate didn’t roll off the tongue, may we introduce the innovative foodware product derived from PHB: AirCarbon!

It sounds futuristic, but AirCarbon does pretty much what it says on the tin; capturing air and greenhouse gases to form (with a little help from naturally occurring microorganisms), an entirely moldable, home-compostable plastic-like material.

PHB is a biodegradable polymer made in every ecosystem on Earth, and AirCarbon harnesses its carbon-sequestering power to both capture carbon AND imagine a plastic-free future. We think that’s a win-win!

Like any good Hall of Fame, the plastic-free wonders we’ve selected here are shaping a legacy for the future. Before we delve into the second half of our plastic-free roundup, here’s a quick run-down of 5 of the best products you can find for festival season right now!

jar of eco-friendly toothpaste tabs
IG: @bite

1.Bite oral care (USA)

Earth-friendly every step of the way, this sustainable brand will keep your teeth and conscience clean wherever you’re brushing this summer!

2. Last Object (USA + EU)

Gone are the days of single-use cotton buds! Freshen up your festival makeup or get your ears ready for the party beats with these reusable swabs.

3. LastRound Refills (North America + EU)

Make the post-party wind-down as seamless as possible with these reusable makeup pads. Single-use free and good for up to 1750 uses!

4. Eco Glitter (EU)

We know that glitter is a festival must, but do the planet a favour and choose this stuff to get your #PlasticFreeParty started!

biodegradable glitter scattered over table

No, reusable condoms are not yet a thing, but you can choose condoms that respect your intimacy and the planet! These vegan, cruelty-free contraceptives are fully transparent about their ingredients too. All the power to you!

Check out more of our fave eco products and order via the Sustainable Picks page on our website. Let’s get back to the Hall of Fame!


Who knew mushrooms could be the magical answer? Turns out these fun-guys truly are the life and soul of the plastic-free party!

Rivalling styrofoam with its protective properties, this sustainable alternative to synthetic plastic packaging is made of fungus roots (Mycelium if you’re feeling fancy) and agricultural waste such as hemp and corn husks.

It takes just 5-7 days to grow and preserves other precious resources as it doesn’t need light, water or chemicals.

Mycelium acts as a natural glue that binds organic plant waste together and can be moulded into any shape (hello mushroom drinks coolers) perfect for versatile packaging!

Strong, compostable (30-90 days after its intended purpose if you’re wondering) and easy on the environment…mushrooms might just be our fave novel material!


Stainless steel straws became all the rage for party-goers when plastic straws went out of fashion, but that’s not the only reason to love this material!

Durable, easy to clean and infinitely recyclable, metal is unique in its ability to be reused indefinitely. Want the facts?

More than 80% of stainless steel items are used to make new products at the end of their lives, but the same can’t be said for plastics.

Just 9% of plastic items are recycled into new products, made even worse by the fact that many plastics are designed to be single-use. Metal, we have a winner!


Notpla hit the headlines in November when it was awarded the 2022 Earthshot Prize…and for good reason!

As an industry pioneer for seaweed-based packaging, Notpla is a pro at making waste disappear (naturally).

Occurring in several edible and biodegradable grades, Notpla are quickly developing answers for every application: from grease-resistant coatings for takeaway packaging to Oohos, edible bubbles designed to replace single-use plastic packaging for liquids.

Notpla, we salute you!

And finally…


If you’ve been following our socials, we know you saw this one coming!

PHA made by plastic-replicating microbes is the wonder material used to create BBP’s pioneering #PlasticFreeParty album.

Not only is PHA bio- rather than petroleum-based, it’ll also biodegrade in favourable conditions (aka soil, compost or marine sediment…so don’t worry, unless you’re hosting an underground party, your vinyl won’t fall apart on the decks!)

We’re not exaggerating when we say we have just a FEW of our #PlasticFreeParty vinyls left available for purchase, get your hands on yours here!

limited edition plastic-free vinyl

Feeling inspired? Check out the rest of our Sustainable Picks (including our Plastic-Free Travel Kits) here. Each purchase with these eco brands supports Bye Bye Plastic Foundation on our mission to create a plastic-free music scene, far beyond the month of July 🚀

Who’s in?!

Check out more ways to get involved and support our mission for July (and forever) here.


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