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Nature’s Delight: This Earth Day amazing teams come together to save some fun for future generations

Earth Day Happiness abounds!

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Invest In Our Planet” and for this occasion we've got an incredible story to tell: the collaboration between two greats - blackcrows, a ski brand constantly focused on its home roots, and Unlimited, a festival determined to level-up its eco-design. Let us count you in on our mountainous adventures, and how we have been invited to join a match made-in-snow-heaven. A story, which takes place in the unique scenery of Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

This match culminated on-site across an invigorating panel held in the alpine paradise during 2023’s edition of Unlimited Festival, moderated by Bye Bye Plastic’s own Camille Guitteau, where industry experts & city officials alike put their heads together to share their insights on how to shift entertainment and tourism to a greener path.

While our time left for fun may be rapidly shrinking, how can the music industry play a part in building a world for the better? Here’s what they had to say!

5 key takeaways from our panel: “Conscious Fun: How to Shift Entertainment and Tourism Towards A Greener Path”

1. Plastic has been found in high altitude lakes

Hervé Villard, Vice-President for Chamonix’s Ecological Transition and Project Manager of Positive Energy Territory, pointed out that in the regions surrounding Chamonix, scientists have studied altitude lakes and found microplastics in all of them…including those not accessible to the public. At a time when forever-chemicals are cracking the news again with PFAS (“it’s never just cardboard” Pierre-Yves Pasquier, Notpla), this isn’t a reassuring picture…

2. Air travel is one of the biggest challenges for touring DJs

Jose Lagarellos, Founder of Chamonix Unlimited, shared the festival’s strategy to incentivise artists to play more local gigs while they are in the region, rather than flying throughout the world to meet strict exclusivity criteria. And this is a problem that remains widespread throughout the industry…

Bye Bye Plastic co-founder BLOND:ISH admitted that air travel remains a huge elephant in the room for DJs. A dilemma that still keeps her awake at night. But inspiring mass audiences during physical sets is where her power lies as a DJ, so it’s a constant conflict.

3. Preserving the wonders of Mother Nature is a driving force behind all of our efforts

Powered by her desire to preserve the beauty of the natural world, BLOND:ISH believes that her relationship with nature grows every day. Recalling the a-ha moment that got her to start the Bye Bye Plastic adventure: “I was in this lush, paradisiac jungle, playing a sunrise set. At the end, when all the people left, all you see is beautiful nature and in between is a mountain of plastic bottles.”

Likewise, Unlimited founders Jose & Ruxandra’s relationship with the mountains is one of infinite respect and inspiration. They purposefully choose to keep Unlimited Festival’s decor to a bare minimum, and instead focusing on curating unique and contained pop-up dance floor nests around the mountain. Indeed, in Jose’s world while inviting us to turn around to the Mont-Blanc “someone already set up quite an amazing decoration over here”.

A former boundary also became an inspiration for the founders’ duo as well as for the municipality this year: having to reduce attendee count for this post-covid come-back has transformed the festival into a perfectly-sized, human experience, which they found to be welcomed by everyone involved. Why strive for growth at all times, when you already achieved the perfect balance, Unlimited asks. Some words of wisdom we wish can start spreading, in our industry and beyond.

4. Shifting seasons may be the key to sustainable tourism

Reflecting on the winter-heavy nature of ski tourism, Juliette Martinez, Municipal Councillor Delegate for Culture and CEO of Chamonix’s La Maison des Artistes, suggested that four-season tourism is the way forward. If this can be achieved, she is confident that Chamonix, alongside other party resorts, can be a sustainable and attractive destination all year round.

5. Bye Bye Plastic is proud to be partnering with ski brand blackcrows to further power Unlimited’s plastic-free transition!

In celebration of Earth Day 2023 and as a now non-surprising conclusion to this year’s Chamonix adventures, we’re stoked to announce Bye Bye Plastic's new partnership with blackcrows! A native of Chamonix & an Unlimited supporter since its first breaths, the forward-thinking skis & ski-wear brand has committed to power Bye Bye Plastic’s plastic-free transition further at Unlimited!

Despite halted progress during the pandemic, Unlimited Festival is on track, driven by a constant and healthy questionings as well as a humble desire to help preserve the unique scenery they are given to work within. And the changemakers at Chamonix won’t settle for substandard sustainability efforts.

From working on cigarette butts littering prevention, more efficient waste sorting and management of waste flux (also coming in from outside the parameters), to ensuring coherent practices as well as team & audience education, will be some keystone steps we will take together in order to be keeping Chamonix’s snow-topped slopes clean and pristine. With the expertise and guidance of Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, the festival & blackcrows will also seek to eliminate single-use plastic from food and beverages and swap out plastic wristbands for a sustainable hemp alternative.

As long-time festival sponsors, blackcrows are no strangers to the collective power of the music industry. We are absolutely thrilled to see a brand take its stand and walk the talk by supporting the future-proofing of an industry and region that hosts its heart & soul. Bye Bye Plastic Foundation’s & Unlimited’s work wouldn’t be possible without the unabashed support of partners like blackcrows.

Thanks to this exciting new collaboration with blackcrows, Bye Bye Plastic is making sure the ski slopes aren’t the only thing going down (we’re looking at you, fossil-fuel plastic!). If we can deliver plastic-free transitions on the breathtaking foothills of the mighty Mont Blanc, is there anywhere we can’t reach?

Chamonix, are you ready for a #PlasticFreeParty?

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Invest In Our Planet”. At Bye Bye Plastic, we use your donations to fuel change in the music industry - whether that’s via collaborative clean-ups or plastic-free transitions, just like the one we will be powering At Unlimited Festival Chamonix.

So why not donate today?

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