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Join the Zero Plastic Club!

Bye Bye Plastic, Club Culture & La Machine du Moulin Rouge just released an Open Letter and a call to action for French clubs to join them in eliminating plastic water bottles within the next 2 years.

Read the full letter & join the club here

Why did we start the Zero Plastic Club?

You might have heard that if we don't do anything, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050? That's a mere 27 years away. Just think how old you are for a minute, how time flies, & let that sink in...

We also did some baseline research, and we found out that an average 2,000-capacity club operating in Europe with water bottles, cups & straws for a year will generate 3,08 tonnes of plastic. Just. For. Those. Items.

The climate emergency is knocking at the door of every business, including clubs doors. And no bouncer can ignore that new guest, today. With the Zero Plastic Club, French nightclubs have chosen to walk the path to sustainability together. And Bye Bye Plastic will help them in doing so!

Thanks to Zero Plastic Club, French club nights are on theirs way to becoming #PlasticFreeParty regulars!

If you wish to get help in our plastic-free transition for your event, venue, music concept or brand, please email us at

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