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Interesting concepts and theories making "Us" part of the "Earth"



Studies and reports zooming into our beloved sector



All things plastic related

Key Concepts

& Studies

This is the safe spot. Find here sustainability concepts, studies, reports and documentaries on plastics and their effects... everything to keep you learning and kicking.

Planetary Principles


• Circle Economy delivers here 7 Key Elements to Kickstart Circular Thinking

• To explore further the concept of Circularity, explore this space of the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation website

• What if the economy was not solely ruled by workers and factories, but also by social and environmental factors? Watch Kate Raworth unveil the principes of The Donught Economy in this TED Talk

• Wanna get your hero hands dirty, and start designing circular today?

Download their Circular Design Toolkit.


• In this TED Talk, Johan Rockström introduces the concept of the 9 Planetary Boundaries, which he worked on together with the Stockholm Resilience Center


• An other interesting concept to protect our natural resources is defended by Naoko Ishii, in this presentation of the Global Commons

Music Industry

• Read here the seminal comparative analysis between single-use and reusables, produced by our friends at Hope Solutions. "It Doesn't Stack Up" is a must-read to understand why choosing for reusables will always be the better option.


• Read into Powerful Thinking's "The Show Must Go On" Report of UK music industry's environmental footprint here


• Browse here Vision 2025's resources for the UK music industry


• We helped FMA in creating guidelines for Spanish event organisers to align to the 2030 Agenda. Find the report coming soon (Spanish only for now)

Music Industry



• Watch Matthew Shribman's "Plastic In The Air" film over here

• Plastic Oceans started right from the success of their movie, "A Plastic Ocean". Still available to watch on Netflix. Watch all of their movies here


• WWF & Dalberg published a staggering report studying the hidden "Lifetime cost of plastic to society, the environment & the planet" (2021). Brace yourselves: the total lifecycle costs of plastics produced in 2019 alone stack up to... $ 3.7 Trillion! Equal to the GDP of India


• Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation's report "The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics" laid the foundation for the Global Commitments. Read the report here, and learn about the Global Commitment here.

•Read about "The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet", a report published by the Center for International Environmental Law in 2019.

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