A living hub for musically-powered clean-ups

The Problem

We, the music industry, need a place to dance. Whether that be in the club, your living room or the beach, it is our responsibility to keep our dance floor cleans, not the cleaning staff.

And last we checked, your living room doesn’t have a cleaning staff.
Treat the beach like you would your living room, it’s your home and you need to keep it clean.

Otherwise, who will?

The problem is, many of our natural dance music locations, like beaches, also happen to be fragile coastal, overly dense and fragile ecosystems.

The Solution

From Tulum to Berlin, Ibiza, Barcelona, Miami, SXM, Bali and Brighton, we found that as our presence as partygoers grew, so did our presence as a Foundation and our need for action. The togetherness of our community triggered an unprecedented sense of actionism and possibilities amongst our community — and so we gave people a sense of purpose and started cleaning up beaches together. Things grew fast, and Clean The Beat was born with the idea of becoming a global hub of clean up programs. 

& Artists

When a DJ or artist adopts the Eco-Rider, they commit to requesting that the venues and events they play at provide a single-use plastic-free DJ booth. It’s that easy. 




The Eco-Rider Venues came as an organic next chapter to the Eco-Rider for DJs & Artists. After implementing the Eco-Rider, venues can bridge the conversation with artists and make sure everyone has a role in the effort to rid their premises of single-use plastics. 

We've already welcomed more than 1.500 artists to the dance.

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